To Kasol: A Road Trip

Travel has always been the other side of my fair coin of adventure and fun. Where one side is occupied by books and fantasies, the other side has always been about travel and globe-trotting. Recently, when I heard the calling of the mountains loud and clear to my soul, I Read more…

Sweets & Kolkata!- Part I

Kolkata! the city of joy. And why shouldn’t it be? When a city delivers such savoury sweets in every turn, it is ought to be joyful by all means!

When in Kolkata there are some desserts that one must check whether they have a sweet tooth or not because once you had it you can’t un-have it ever!! Well, there is a reason we always tend to use “sweet’ as an adjective for Bengalis, you see where we are going there?

Get Going to Goa

 I Preeta Roy, the younger one, visited Goa a year ago. The experience was epic. Goa is known for so many things and there are so many things that you can do there and this is my journey of Goa for you. First, of, Goa is one of the coolest Read more…


Things to do in Delhi in summer

We the thousands of souls living in Delhi, in our gorgeous capital, have known the screeching summer heat for years now, yet whenever the May-June phase hits, we find ourselves cursing the mother nature, global warming, technology and the humans’ tendency to find doom everywhere. In between these curses, we Read more…


Goa 5D & 4N: Family trip

Goa is also known as a very safe place, you can roam around the city at nights in all hours and you won’t feel the tiniest sensation of fear or uneasiness. The locals are full spirited and helpful in every way possible. And all these things sum up to say Read more…