Indian food is unparalleled but Indian desserts are more so!

And when talking about desserts, this one state wins the awards, don’t you think?

Kolkata! the city of joy. And why shouldn’t it be? When a city delivers such savoury sweets in every turn, it is ought to be joyful by all means!

When in Kolkata there are some desserts that one must check whether they have a sweet tooth or not because once you had it you can’t un-have it ever!! Well, there is a reason we always tend to use “sweet’ as an adjective for Bengalis, you see where we are going there?

So here we brought you a list of sweets for your next trip to Bengal that you must attempt-

1. Rosgulla


Do we even need to explain why we put it on #1? Rosgulla is basically the heart pumping energy, freshness & of course sweetness to the city. Every household, every festival, every life event is practically incomplete without a ‘rosh-e-bhora’ , filled with caramel, bite of ‘roshogulla’.

2. Rajbhog


It is a rosgulla with gud or jaggery inside. Instead of sugar, gud or jaggery is used to sweeten the dish. Well, this we can say many of you might never have tasted. But take us on our word and have a bite of this. Heavens will feel smaller.

3. Chana r Jilopi

Chana r Jilopi

So Chana r jilopi aka chehna jalebi aka round-round bites of goodness are a bigger and better version of normal jalebi, no offence. These are softer than the usual kind, dripping in ras or caramel and divinely tasty & fragranced.

4. Chom Chom

So this one is really interesting, in name and taste. An utterly common yet not so common in the outsides of West Bengal, this dessert is a taker.

5. Shondesh


The simplest of things makes life fuller & better. Shondesh which is nothing but paneer fashioned and cooked in a manner to make a loose dessert of mild sweetness is just the most satisfying one. It is one of the commonest sweets in Bengal, is cheap and is favoured and loved by most if not all.

5. Pantua

Bengali sweet Pantua recipe

These gigantic sweets should not be served after dinner but should be dinner itself! What is a good sweet if not dripping in caramel? Point well taken!

Enjoy the sweetness of Bengal in each bite of these desserts and let us know how you fared!


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