Backpacking is an art not everyone is familiar with. People most often throw things at their bags and just zip it up unaware of the havoc that recklessness is going to cause. Travelling is so much than just travelling. If you want to get the best experience out of your experience then there are so many things that you should keep in mind. But don’t worry these are not things which are absolutely necessary or without which you couldn’t travel or anything like that. This is mere things which will make your travel a lot better than you ever imagined in ways that you haven’t imagined.

Pack your heart away

So to begin with ladies, the very first and major thing to keep in mind. Don’t overpack! This is the cause of every woman in the entire universe, maybe aliens too I am afraid. Women tend to overpack and nobody blames them. We, women, need a lot of stuff that men don’t and are copiously more cautious than men can ever be. So we pack extra shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, undergarments and basically everything because you never know.
But my dears this is also a very major cause of the luggage problem you often face. You need to know how to downsize. And we are gonna tell you how.
Downsize your clothing bag
For 5 Days and 4 Nights trip to a cold location
5 Days meaning 5 day-garments.
We are talking about the wintry location so your bag, in general, should consist of
2 Jeans/Jeggings
6 Shirts/ Tops or Dresses, you should always carry one extra shirt/top in case one of them gets wet or torn.
1-night dress, its better if you carry a lower in this, that way you can wear that lower in evening times to roam around as well.
2 jackets, one among them should be a windcheater for extreme cold weather
1 set of comfy clothes for travelling
2 sets of Bodywarmer
4 sets of socks
1 woollen cap
Gloves, if necessary
6 sets of undergarments; spaghetti, bra, panties, spandex etc.
We have not added sweaters assuming the top or shirt you are choosing is winter wear only.
And that’s it, your winter clothing luggage is set. You can always carry one extra set of comfy clothes in case you feel you need it. And obviously, the list can be customized as per your requirement. But this list is a general list fulfilling all the basic clothing requirements of us ladies on a trip to the chilling hills. If you feel this is all you will require then try not to ditch it no matter how your gorgeous wardrobe tempts you.

About shoes
Shoes are so subjective. And we found it a tad difficult to put them in a general list. You can see we have a thing for pretty sandals. However, we managed to get ourselves together and pinned down the footwear that we need on a trip to his.
First and foremost, sports shoes. They are feet saviours on mountains.
Boots because they are boots and its cold. (We couldn’t help ourselves)
1 set of slippers
And that’s it. We know you might be thinking, how? This is literally what you need on a 5 days trip. No more no less. Because it’s cold so you obviously can’t wear sandals or ballerinas for that matter. Shoes and boots are what you need and we got you covered on that. The slipper is for indoors and if feel like wear them out as well.

3 Days and 2 Nights trip to a warm location
This is a short trip to a location with the sun shining brightly above.
3 Dresses, tops, jumpsuit etc. It’s hot and you are too, don’t shy away wearing pants and jeans. Let lose and wear summery dresses, hot pants or shorts, floral jumpsuits and flare skirts.
1 lower/comfy shorts/Capri
1-night dress
1 comfy clothes for travelling, 1 top and 1 lower( you can wear them while at your destination in evenings or nights to roam around as well)
4 sets of undergarments, 5-6 sets of undergarments in case you are on a beach
And that’s it. Seriously that’s it.
About Footwear
1 slipper
2 sandals

It is what it is. This is a shocker? Well, it shouldn’t be. It’s a 3 days trip to a warm location, what else do you wanna carry ladies?

So to sum it up to my dear pretty souls, the simple math is: if you are going to a 5-day trip carry 5 days wear garments, always carry two pair of jeans, always carry 1 set of comfy clothes, and take 2 extra sets of undergarments in accordance to your trip duration.
And doing this will lead your luggage to shrink down and your hands and soul happier.


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